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My companies Publishing Publishing is the main Flight Simulator add-on company that I set up together with Miguel Blaufuks of way back when and that I now run on my own since 2009 or so.

I publish FS add-ons that are built by various authors from the FS industry, working in virtual teams and spread all over the world.

FSAddon Publishing has built quite a reputation in the past 12 years with ‘killer’ titles such as Orcas Island, Misty Fjords, VancouverPlus, FSCargo, Tongass Fjords, Ben Gurion, Lysander Operations, the Storch and others.

The main website is at


is a motorcycle touring company, founded early 2006, with the initial goal of supporting American motorcyclists wanting to ride in Europe.

Primary ‘product’ is the extremely customized Private Motor Tours, where we guide only 2, 3 or 4 people through selected regions of Europe.

In addition we also provide other services such as advice/preparation of lodging, motorbike rental, tour documentation and quite a few other things, all related to enjoying leisurely touring in some of the most beautiful areas of our continent.

Due to the bad economic situation over the past years, my activities have shifted from guiding to travel guides and writing.

All information on EuropeRides web site.

Silver Cloud Publishing

Silver Cloud Publishing ‘itself’. The mother company under which I file all my activities and other companies. The name originates from ‘every cloud has a silver lining’…. my motto after I lost my executive job because of backstabbing and greedy shareholders. I decided to ‘go it alone’.

The main ‘actual’ activity I do under SCP is my web design and hosting business (examples of web sites I made can be found elsewhere on the site). The ‘hosting’ is only because it is convenient to have my own supplier and rent out the spaces I work on, there is no money to be made in it.

SCP is also the company officially registered with the Dutch government (tax), chamber of commerce, accountant and various suppliers. If I send you an invoice, it will come from Silver Cloud Publishing.

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